Meet our remarkable team of industry professionals

Andrew Dunbar
Andrew Dunbar
Senior Structural Engineer BE(Hons), ME, CMEngNZ, CPEng

Andrew is passionate about environmentally focused design and completed his Masters degree with a specialisation in post-tensioned timber structures. He enjoys exploring opportunities to bring sustainable elements into his projects and pushing the boundaries of traditional design.

Andrew started working at Structex in late 2013, before taking a sabbatical to work for Canadian mass timber design specialists, Fast + Epp. In Vancouver, Andrew furthered his expertise in mass timber structures and was involved in several large projects including a 10 storey timber structure. Andrew also has experience in steel and concrete structures, residential and commercial assessments, and seismic strengthening.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys a wide range of sports, playing Hockey competitively in the winter and touch (not so competitively) in the summer, along with spending time with his young family.

Petra Heck
Petra Heck
Senior Engineering Technician National Diploma in Civil Engineering

Petra is a German qualified Draughtsperson & Engineering Technician, specialised in structural engineering.

Petra joined Structex in 2004 after moving from Germany to New Zealand. She left Structex in 2009 to work with her husband in their family business, before rejoining Structex early 2013.

Petra is experienced in structural draughting in AutoCad and Revit and over the last 30 years she has worked on a vast array of structural projects ranging from multi-story residential housing complexes to large industrial & commercial developments, wineries and high-rise commercial buildings and her meticulous work practice makes strengthening projects one of her specialties. Petra is also experienced in bookkeeping, accounting & payroll, and is fluent in German.

In her free time, Petra enjoys riding her motorbike, hiking and gardening.

Blair Ramsay
Blair Ramsay
Structural Engineer BE(Hons)(Civil), CMEngNZ, CPEng

Blair is intrigued by the complex, relishing delving into the detail to deliver efficient solutions. He enjoys working closely with design teams and Clients to gain the big picture understanding and use this knowledge to the benefit the project.

Blair joined Structex initially in 2013 as a Graduate Engineer working in the aftermath of the Canterbury Earthquakes. Travelling then took hold as he moved first to London, United Kingdom and then Toronto, Canada, exploring what the world had to offer in structural engineering. Working at Momentum (UK) delivered on temporary, historic and complex site projects while Entuitive (Canada) included a climactic element, increased scale and different construction methods for projects. With this international experience Blair has now returned to Structex to provide on the ground support to the Nelson office.

Outside the office, Blair is enjoying what Nelson has to offer with his young family. Whether that be the cycle friendly environment, nearby beach or the variety of golf courses, the weekends are always taken care of.

Kate Singleton
Kate Singleton
Practice Manager / Director BA(Psych), CMHRNZ

Kate is an authentic and passionate senior leader with a demonstrated history of delivering strategic and operational people results within a range of industries in Christchurch.

After completing a Diploma in ECE teaching as well as a BA in Psychology at the University of Canterbury, Kate worked in various industries within Christchurch before joining Structex towards the end of 2012. It is here that she found her passion in helping our business to nurture and grow their biggest asset, our people, as well as a newfound fondness for accounting (albeit initially not by choice!).

The motto “we don’t build a business; we build our people, and the people build the business” is something that drives Kate’s passion as she works with the leadership team to realise the potential of our staff in everything that we do. This coupled with looking after the business’s financial duties and website/social media sees Kate’s creative, organisational and task orientated desires satisfied whilst inputting to wider overarching strategic actions.

In her spare time Kate enjoys cooking up a storm in the kitchen and spending quality time with her family and friends.