Taking Time to Focus on Business

If you’ve found Adam from our Lyttelton office difficult to contact over the past six months it’s likely to be because he’s been deep in concentration at the Icehouse Owner Manager Programme. This course of a series of blocks running over five months is built around the concepts of the business, you in the business, and you. Facilitated by the great people from Icehouse and Auckland University, as well as featuring a host of great speakers, Adam gained a huge amount of value from the course.

Particular aspects that Adam found insightful, and that you can expect to see come through as you work with Structex, is the value of people. This is both the valuable opinions and input from clients, as well as staff and the culture in the business. The people aspect came to the fore again when reflecting on the great group of people joining Adam on the programme.

Speaking of people, none were more inspiring than our final speaker Cam Calkoen. A man that suffers from Cerebral Palsy, Cam hasn’t let that define him and has gone on be an international sprint champion and now acclaimed motivational speaker. Well worth checking him out at

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