Our People Make the Difference

There have been some exciting changes in the day-to-day management of the Lyttelton team. Adam Walker, who has been a Director of the company since 2013 and taken on greater responsibility in recent years, has been promoted to Managing Director of the Lyttelton office. Adam is relishing the new role, and importantly for him, enjoying watching the younger team members, such as engineers Aaron Kaijser and Regan Wood, rise to the challenge in assisting him.

Will Lomax, who headed the office for the past 11 years, will now be taking on the role of Managing Director at Onguard Seismic Systems – a seismic tank system developed by Structex to protect wine tanks from earthquake damage. The company has experienced significant growth, with opportunities in California seeing Will commuting regularly between the two countries. Wills’ involvement with Structex will continue both in governance and as a consultant on a project specific basis.

There have also had some new additions to the team since the last newsletter with Bobby McConnell joining the Lyttelton office as a Structural Draughtsman and Tim Sibaev joining as a Structural Engineer after completing his Masters Degree at the end of 2016. The Montreal Street office have had Ben Exton join them in November last year as a Structural Engineer after graduating from the University of Canterbury and Emily Gualter started in April this year after completing her Masters, also at the University of Canterbury. Ben was a summer intern the previous year for the Montreal Street office so it was great to have him come on board permanently.

Later this year we have two new summer interns joining the teams, Fraser Scott at the Lyttelton office and Thomas Wright at the Montreal Office as well as Jack Montgomery, who was a summer intern last year starting as a Structural Engineer in the Montreal Street office.

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