Lyttelton Recovery Gaining Serious Momentum

As we quickly draw towards the end of the year, Lyttelton is providing much to look forward to for the summer months and years ahead. The earthquake recovery was certainly slow to get underway in Lyttelton but the Structex team based there are starting to feel a real sense of momentum. Expectedly, there is plenty of activity at the port, most notably in the form of the completed Waterfront house with a regular stream of staff walking across the Oxford St bridge to venture into the town centre. The effort LPC have invested in the Te Ana marina project has really paid off with the area looking great and set to be a hub of activity come summer.

With the scaffolding down the newly rebuilt timeball station is looking fantastic. Other major works nearing an end are the laying of the waste water line along Norwich Quay, fire upgrade to the tunnel and the repair of the road to Sumner. While most of these are not as eye catching, they are a major investment in Lyttelton and also bring to an end some significant disruption.

There are a range of exciting projects on the horizon for Lyttelton too. The community focused Collets Corner development should be watched with interest, or even better, lend some financial support to it. Plans are underway for the rebuild of the museum on London Street and piling is underway for the new cruise berth in the port. Last but certainly not least, the Structex team have some momentum with their own building project, refurbishing the historic masonic lodge on Canterbury Street, with construction expected to be underway early in the new year.

With all this activity it really is worth coming and checking out what the changing face of Lyttelton has to offer.

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