Leading the Way in Winery Seismic Resilience

The past two years have been a difficult and often confusing time for the wineries in Marlborough affected by the Kaikoura earthquake, with the regions expert wine makers suddenly having to develop skills in project management, insurance and infrastructure design. For some this disruption dates back to the 2013 Seddon quake. The impacts of these events are now finding its way to the rest of New Zealand’s wine regions as insurers take a closer look at the risk posed by winery infrastructure, something not helped by the apparent correlation between areas of high seismic activity and excellent wine making conditions.

Our winery clients are now confronted with terms such as importance level, return period and design life, all as part of assessment of existing infrastructure and new tank design. The engineering industry is not helping with inconsistent messages and approaches on these and other aspects such as anchorage design, philosophy for design of ancillary infrastructure and assessment processes. In an attempt to provide some consistency to the industry, Structex are teaming up with several of the major insurers, universities and Onguard Seismic Systems to form a working group targeting seismic resilience in wineries. The team expect to provide further details at the Wine Engineering Association conference to be held in Napier in October. Adam Walker from our Lyttelton office will be speaking there, as well as hosting a function for our clients and associates on Wednesday the 17th of October. Keep an eye out for an invitation or get in touch if you would like one.

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