Delivering More with Site Scan

Frustrated with the time and cost associated with gaining limited survey data, the Structex team jumped at the chance to link-up with 3DR and use their Site Scan software alongside our newly purchased drone. Once the site has been flown we use Site Scans cloud-based photogrammetry processing to easily generate a 3D point cloud of the site. This data can be used to generate Revit models, site plans, approximate volumes, cut cross sections and much more.

We understand that some problems require the in-depth knowledge of a qualified surveyor and so have focused our use of the drone surveys to level surveys of complex hill sites and data gathering of difficult to access structures. The more we use the new technology the more applications we discover, an example being the production of a hybrid set of images by combining the point-cloud data with a Revit model to illustrate to neighbours the visual effects of a proposed development during the resource consent stages.

There’s no better way to learn more than to see this in action, so check-out or better yet call in to see us for a demo.

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