ACENZ Mental Health Umbrella Workshop

Earlier this month Structex was proud to sponsor the Mental Health Awareness workshop that ACENZ held in Christchurch, run by Umbrella organisation. The aim of the workshop was to help the participants increase their knowledge about mental health and mental illness, as well as their confidence when talking to colleagues they might be concerned about. It also strengthened the ability for participants to promote and protect mental health in the workplace to ensure a safer workplace for all, as well as identifying triggers for stress beyond the workplace and strategies to support their own, as well as their colleague’s wellbeing during these times.

Some interesting facts below that we learnt at the session:

  1. Mental illness is very common

About one in five of us will meet the criteria for a mental illness in any given year; almost half of us are predicted to meet the criteria in our lifetimes.

  1. Mental illness can be associated with great suffering and distressing consequences

Mental illness is the further highest cause of health loss in New Zealand, after cancer, cardiovascular disorders and musculoskeletal disorders. “Health loss” refers to the amount of healthy life that is lost because of illness, disability or early death.

  1. Our workplaces impact on our mental health

Work-related stress places us at risk of developing mental illness and can make existing symptoms worse. Psychologically safe and healthy workplaces can enhance our mental health and protect us from mental illness. For those of us with experience of mental illness, safe and supportive workplaces can play an important part in recovery.

  1. Creating workplaces that promote and protect mental health us up to everyone

All of us contribute to the culture of our workplaces, and we all have a legal right to be treated equally and without discrimination at work. Employers also have a duty of care for their employee’s mental health.

  1. Education about mental health and mental illness in the workplace can be very effective

Greater awareness of mental health and mental illness in the workplace can help us to better support all of our colleagues, including those who have experience of mental illness.

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