Structural engineering, innovative design and team collaboration

At Structex we bring structural engineering concepts and innovative designs to life through a strong relationship with our clients and most importantly our team. It’s what sets us apart. We believe in the power of a small, solid team because that’s what gets the best results. Our company combines the knowledge and experience of a large global engineering consultancy with the effectiveness, close business relationships and agility of a small team.
We are committed to doing everything at the highest standard and leaving a positive lasting impression. We deliver a variety of projects across commercial, industrial and residential sectors anywhere in New Zealand. To sum it up; no matter where you are, our dedicated team will be there ready to make a difference. Because we love what we do, and we love doing it.


Key Relationships


Formed in 2006, Net’s core promise to its members is “In business FOR yourself, not BY yourself”. Membership of Net assists Structex to enhance the rewards provided by their individual businesses, with the benefits that come from being part of a wider collaborative of like minded professionals. Our core values centre around our people being number one; we treat staff well but also expect the best from them, we foster a culture of respect and value for one another and succeed through collaboration and contribution whilst leveraging the knowledge within the group. These core values align with those of the founding businesses, and are crucial to the ongoing value and success of the group.


At Structex we have a commitment to the ongoing professional and personal development of our staff. Our reciprocal exchange programme with Momentum, a creative, award-winning civil and structural engineering practice based in the United Kingdom provides exciting opportunities for our team to experience their OE whilst working within the engineering profession. This allows the addition of unique skillsets relative to the UK working environment that will enhance both their personal and professional development as well as that of our wider business when they return.

Engineering New Zealand is the professional body who supports our Engineers. We are proud to be recognised as a Professional Development Partner (PDP) with Engineering New Zealand. Engineering New Zealand’s PDP’s are companies who demonstrate a strong commitment to developing their engineering staff. They provide continued support to the profession. Structex offer staff access to continuing professional development opportunities, a structured mentoring programme, support for charted membership or CPEng registration and a commitment to quality management.

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ACENZ represents business services and advocacy for consulting professionals in the built and natural environment; they are the trusted advisor providing business leadership in matters relating to the built and natural environment. Structex actively participates and sponsors local and national ACENZ events, utilise resources provided by ACENZ and provide input to key industry matters using ACENZ as our advocate.